“My experience with John was phenomenal. He came in and did all of the staging for me, I didn’t have to lift a finger, and even before our open house I had 2 offers within 2 days. He had a lot of resources with difference services I might need and he really just held my hand and was my partner in the sale of my home. There’s a reason that he sells a lot of houses and it’s because he just excels at it. I would definitely recommend him!”-Barbara S.



    “They were really great and did a very good job for us. We were on the market to purchase a home after we had sold our other property and we were looking in a particular area. John called us on a Sunday morning letting us know that a particular house on was going on the market. We ended up being here at the right moment of the open house and we absolutely loved it and made a bid on it. It was the perfect house for us and he knew it.”-Juan C.




    “Our agent with Hatch Homes was just awesome. She was able to walk us through all of the processes included in the sale of our home and made it less stressful than I thought it would be. She had a lot of energy, she was knowledgeable, and really did a great job for us. She had a passion for what she’s doing and it really shows in the experience that I had with them.”-Lea J.




    “It was actually a very quick process. The Realtor we worked with was very responsive and prompt considering that the market was very competitive at the time. He was very patient and answered any questions I had.”-Tenzin Y.




    “Hatch Home did a good job for me when I was looking to buy my home. They were very nice, polite, accommodating, and friendly. They really seemed to get their work done. They’re very good with their research and they really know what the market is doing. “-Phillip H.


    “This wasn’t my first transaction with the Hatch Homes Group and they’ve always done a great job, especially my Realtor Barry. It’s what he does and he does a great job! He really knows the market and I’ve always have great experiences with them.”-Michael O.




    “We were living in Houston at the time we purchased the home, but we had visited Portland and found a neighborhood that we liked. Barry, our agent, worked on our behalf and constantly communicated with us. Barry even helped us arrange someone to come out and get the place semi-cleaned up before we arrived. We had a really good experience!”-Percy R.


    “The whole process was very painless. If we ever had an issue, they were so responsive and were able to solve them quickly which was very nice. His knowledge of the mechanics of the process was much appreciated and we definitely trusted our Realtors to get the job done. “-Mary Jean B.


    “Hatch Homes worked with us to find what we wanted in the area that we wanted. They looked all over and found things that were in our area and made sure that it fit our criteria. We found a place that was exactly what we wanted!”-Russell P.


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