Why Keller Mortgage?

Keller Mortgage was designed to help consumers save thousands on their real estate transaction. 

How Can ZeroPlus by Keller Mortgage Save You Thousands?

Innovative Business Model

Traditional lenders charge more to cover the costs of local offices, expensive lead generation, advertising programs, and marketing agreements. By eliminating those costs, Keller Mortgage maximizes consumer savings on each transaction. Our model makes it difficult for competing lenders to match ZeroPlus.

Industry leading technology

Consumers use our Keller Williams App and online process to seamlessly connect the mortgage process and purchase transaction. Consumers verify credit, complete application, connect to bank accounts and upload docs all with the touch of a button. It's easy. simply download our Keller William App.


Other trusted lending options

We know some amazing lenders!

-First time home buyer looking for programs?

-Investor wanting the best deal?

-Do you need to sell to buy?

Your lender is an important relationship and a key part to the home buying process. We know there are lots of programs and resources (and lender choices for that matter) so please contact us today and we can pair you with the perfect lender and program.