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Monday's are always a great day to reflect on the past week and to get ready for the week ahead.  During this time of social distancing, we've found the zen of zoom and these videos are chock full of great information you can use right now.

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In our First Series of At Home with Hatch Homes Group, Angela Stevens goes over her 12 lessons Learned in 12 Years of Real Estate.  Click above to see the latest episode of At Homes with Hatch Homes Group.

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Episode 6: First Things First - Don't Stress
Episode 5: What to Expect When Inspecting
Episode 4: Google is Great but Can Not Negotiate
Episode 3: Why Knowing the Market is Half the Battle
Episode 2: Top 6 Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale
Episode 1: The Big "R" Word
Angela and Michele had many great adventures on The American Dream TV Series.  Check out our last episode above,  which was located inside a beautiful mansion restoration project on SE Belmont, in the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood.  

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